Lets Go

"Beyond fence"

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Bored with your daily commute to work or school?

That can change with "Let's~GO!".
With Let's Go! enjoy free streaming Pop, K-Pop, and other
genres of music.

Learn English by listening to Pop songs, brighten the office with
lively music, play some classical music to your child,

or reminisce about your childhood with music from the past.
Search for your favorite radio stations

and save the streaming internet address to your list.


[How to use "Let's~Go!"] Click for more information

1. Add your favorite radio stations to the Radio List.
2. Select a station on the Radio Play screen and start listening
to the radio.
3. Surf your favorite sites while listening to the radio.
4. While listening to your favorite station, view a map of your location.


[How to add Radio List]

The radio lists will be updated on the Radio Lists Board(Setting Tab).

Search for your favorite stations and save the address
of the radio station to your list.
If you would like to recommend a radio station that is not found on Let's~Go!,

please send an email to support@sfonic.com and we will try to have it available as soon as possible.


[Charges Guide]

Usage fees: Free
Data calls: Sign up the differential charge according to your data plan.
- 3G data service fees charged for access are not charged if you're using unlimited toll free data plan
- Data calls via WiFi connection do not occur charge.
- International roaming data plan will be charged separately.

▶ K-Pop, Pop, Inkigayo, the latest music of various genres, including fluctuations in real-time viewing
▶ MP3 you do not have to download, we will listen online music via just connection.


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The various music channels for free real-time music broadcasting service.
Updated every day with the various genres of music to suit your interest by choosing your unlimited listening.