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"Beyond fence"

Bored with your daily commute to work or school? That can change with "Let’s~Go!".
With Let’s~Go! enjoy free streaming Pop, K-Pop, and other genres of music.
Learn English by listening to Pop songs, brighten the office with lively music, play some classical music to your child, or reminisce about your childhood with music from the past.
Search for your favorite radio stations and save the streaming internet address to your list.

[How to use Let’s~Go!]
1. Add your favorite radio stations to the Radio List.
2. Select a station on the Radio Play screen and start listening to the radio.
3. Surf your favorite sites while listening to the radio.
4. While listening to your favorite station, view a map of your location.



[How to add Radio List]
- The radio lists will be updated on the Radio Lists Board(Setting Screen).
- Search for your favorite stations and save the address of the radio station to your list.


[ Versions]
- Free version : Save up to 50 radio lists and 50 favorite websites. Map(3 types)
- Paid version: Save up to 100 radio stations and 100 favorite websites. Map(Nearby)

































































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